Heating Repair

When the days and nights turn chilly, and you rely on your heating system for comfort, the last thing you want to deal with is a sudden breakdown.  Any problem with your heater is inconvenient, and may even be dangerous.  Don’t put off calling Air and Heat Service Co. for professional service.  Our NATE-certified technicians strive to minimize intrusion into your home and maximize satisfaction, by arriving on time and prepared to complete the majority of services in one house call.  We take very good care of your equipment, home, and property, cleaning up after the job and clearing away all discarded equipment.  Other than consistent and enjoyable comfort, you won’t even know we were there.

Proactive Furnace Repair

While everyone tends to procrastinate here and there, when it comes to your heating equipment it’s best to be proactive.  Schedule yearly maintenance, and at the first sign of trouble, contact Air and Heat Service Co. for qualified service.  Even minor aggravations like unpleasant odors, screeching sounds, and inconsistent temperatures are better handled immediately.  They are telltale signs of problems within the system, and if neglected, can set off a chain reaction.  What started out as a simple need for professional cleaning might quickly graduate into a complex malfunction or even complete system failure.  You’ll save time and money by handling even pesky problems straight away.

Don’t Sacrifice Your Heating System’s Efficiency!

It is just about a guarantee that when your heating equipment is no longer working in peak condition, it’s costing you more to operate.  Decreasing comfort goes hand and hand with increasing energy bills.  By calling Air and Heat Service Co., or licensed professionals will quickly pinpoint the most pressing problem, take the necessary steps to resolve the issue, and inspect the entire system for faults.  Our goal is to optimize performance, saving your money, and ensuring solutions that stand up under intense usage.

Any problem with your HVAC system is a safety concern.

If your heating equipment becomes overly clogged with dust, airflow is restricted, causing longer heating cycles and possibly leading to the furnace cooking itself.  It is extremely important that you have the integrity of your heat exchanger verified by a trained professional.  The team from Air and Heat Service Co. combines NATE-certification, factory training, and practical in-field experience, to provide the most comprehensive knowledge and service.  Through combustion appliance safety checks, meticulous repair work, and affordable prices, we answer your every concern with results you can trust.  For dependable repairs, call 888-845-9580, and speak to a helpful representative of the team from Air and Heat Service Co..  Your comfort is our concern.