Heat Pumps

Would you like to significantly trim down your heating bill?  Increase year-round comfort? Contact Air and Heat Service Co. and learn more about the benefits of an energy efficient heat pump.  These safe, quiet, and innovative systems do double duty, acting as a central air conditioner during the summer, and typically cutting heating costs in half.  For every dollar of electricity consumed by the heat pump, it provides approximately $4 of heat. Specializing in air-to-air and ground-source heat pumps, Air and Heat Service Co. tailors our recommendations and services to suit your best interests.

Trustworthy Heat Pump Service, Installation & Repairs

Our NATE-certified team provides a full range of heat pump services, from new installation and retrofit to seasonal maintenance and skilled repair throughout .  Taking advantage of Greenspeed Intelligence, these smart, innovative systems automatically adapt to changing demand and deliver the perfect amount of heating/cooling at any given time.  The result is optimized energy efficiency, sound levels, running costs, and overall comfort. Contact Air and Heat Service Co. for expert and cost-saving heat pump services.

Some of the many benefits of adding a heat pump to your home include:

  • Cost Savings – Heat pumps are less costly to operate than systems based on combustion and provide energy efficient cooling.
  • Low Maintenance – Combining heating/cooling into a single unit cuts maintenance requirements in half.
  • Safety – No combustion process eliminates the hazards of hot surfaces, fumes, and byproducts, such as carbon monoxide.
  • Environmentally Friendly – The efficient conversion rate of energy to heat reduces your carbon footprint.
  • Central Cooling – Simply change the setting on the thermostat and enjoy whole-home cooling and cost savings.
  • Reliability – With regular maintenance, the majority of heat pumps provide upwards of twenty years of dependable operation.