Commercial HVAC

Proper heating, cooling and ventilation are essential to providing a comfortable, healthy and productive work environment.  Together, these systems make up approximately forty percent of the electricity used in commercial facilities.  Superior heating and cooling products, as well as improved performance, will achieve substantial energy savings.  Whether you are hoping to increase the efficiency of your existing HVAC systems, or are considering upgrading to a modern alternative, the professionals from Air and Heat Service Co. will help you make informed decisions and reach your goals for your commercial space.

Invest in The Right Commercial HVAC System

For most businesses, heating and cooling systems are not an option but a costly necessity, representing a large part of the expenses.  Cooling systems, in particular, are very energy intensive.  In recent years, manufacturers have answered consumer demand for more power for less cost.  Innovations in design and efficiency has resulted in modern cooling systems that require thirty to fifty percent less energy to produce the same amount of cooling as a comparable model made in the mid 70’s.  Even upgrading a ten-year-old cooling system can save twenty percent on operational costs.

Our entire staff is NATE-certified, and receives ongoing training specific to Carrier products and technology, allowing us to accurately meet your needs with the ideal equipment.  Whether your business is confined to one room, or occupies a vast commercial space, we have the solutions to exceed your expectations for comfort, efficiency, operational noise, and consistent performance.  Through a wide range of products, styles, sizes, and cost, there’s no challenge we can’t answer to your complete satisfaction.

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We are extremely familiar with local climate, energy costs, and the commercial needs of business owners.  Whether you are looking to welcome customers, protect inventory and electronic equipment, or safeguard the well being of your workforce, the experienced team from Air and Heat Service Co. answers your needs with meticulous design and installation, conscientious maintenance, and prompt repair service, ensuring maximum performance, efficiency, and longevity from your comfort systems.  From a single, licensed and insured technician, to an entire fleet of fully stocked trucks, Air and Heat Service Co. has your best interests covered.