Air Conditioning Service

Your air conditioner provides more than temperature control.  It allows you to enjoy refreshing relief on a brutal summer day, relax over the weekend, and get a good night’s sleep.  Your cooling system also handles dehumidification, eliminating that sticky feeling that robs you of productivity and discouraging dust mites and cockroaches.  By filtering and circulating the air in your home, contaminants such as dust, pollen, dander, mold spores, and other particles are trapped and kept from breathing air.  Because of your cooling equipment, your home is cleaner, fresher, more welcoming.  Your family feels better and breathes easier…  Unless your cooling equipment is clogged with dirt, dust, and debris.  Without annual maintenance, your air conditioner is most likely polluting your air quality, driving energy bills unnecessarily high, and failing to deliver the comfort you rely on.

Your A/C Service Experts

The solution is simple, convenient, and cost-effective.  Contact Air and Heat Service Co. for seasonal maintenance, and our NATE-certified technicians will perform a complete system cleaning, analysis, and overall tuning.  Through conscientious troubleshooting, we can pinpoint any potential problems, replacing any worn or broken parts, and preventing repairs before they cost you needless time and money.  As a Carrier Factory Authorized Dealer, we rely on Factory Authorized Parts to provide the greatest value for your investment.

Without regular cleaning, your cooling system cannot possibly live up to the manufacturer’s expectations for operational noise, system longevity, energy efficiency, or dehumidification.  Over time, dust, dirt, insects, plant matter and even vermin collect in the inner workings of a split systems, posing major health hazards to homes and offices.  The elevated temperature and moisture generated by the air conditioner promotes the growth of natural organisms, while speeding up the decomposition process of animals and plant debris.  Mold, mildew and algae thrive in the warm, damp environment, leading to restricted airflow, overworked motors, higher operational costs, and allergens sprayed into breathing air.

Air Conditioner Service Improves Air Quality

It’s best to prevent mold before it is activated and multiplies, contaminating the overall system as well as the home’s indoor air quality.  Through yearly cleaning from the licensed professionals from Air and Heat Service Co., your equipment will be kept in peak condition, ensuring optimum efficiency, far fewer repairs, and a healthy home environment.  You’ll feel better, breathe easier, and enjoy superior comfort, while saving money.  Through proactive maintenance, we’ll also add years to the life of your air conditioner.  A well-running system lasts longer and performs better.

At Air and Heat Service Co., your comfort is our concern.  By providing the highest quality service, fair pricing, and expert workmanship, we make sure you can relax and enjoy a wonderfully cool and refreshing home, all summer long.  For comprehensive and cost-effective maintenance, call us at 888-845-9580.