Air Conditioning Repair

Once you’ve invested in the refreshing comfort of a home cooling system, any interruption in performance is an inconvenience.

While you may be tempted to overlook minor problems, they are warning signs that should be handled immediately.  Musty smells, strange noises, and fluctuating temperatures, are all indications of bigger problems on the way.  Without immediate attention, you are at risk of higher energy costs, property damage, degraded air quality, and complete system failure.  When you call Air and Heat Service Co. for air conditioning repair, expect prompt attention, quality workmanship, and lasting solutions.

Stress-Free A/C Repair

At Air and Heat Service Co., we strive to eliminate stress and inconvenience.  By arriving within the stated time frame, equipped with the sophisticated tools and a wide range of replacement parts, we get the job done right, and as quickly as possible.  While we do everything in our power to complete the majority of projects in a single visit, we never rely on repairs that are just good enough to get by.  Our goal is to provide quality solutions you can count on to withstand the long brutal summer, year after year.

When it comes to cooling repairs, surprises aren’t pleasant.  The licensed technicians from Air and Heat Service Co. keep you completely informed, offering helpful recommendations, with your best interest as our priority.  The majority of cooling difficulties are the result of insufficient maintenance and can be managed by professional cleaning, tightening, and tuning.  When replacement parts are needed, we use Factory Authorized Parts if possible, ensuring proper fit, durability, and system longevity.

Safety Concerns Put To Rest with Air Conditioning Repair

Problems with your cooling equipment can risk much more than your comfort.  Your air conditioner produces a great deal of water.  A possible leak or blockage in the condensate drain can result in extensive property damage, if not caught and addressed quickly.  Diminished cooling capacity may be a sign of restricted airflow due to contaminants such as mold or mildew.  Not only does this growth threaten to compromise the entire system, there is the very real possibility of contaminated air quality.  Millions of airborne spores may be circulated throughout your house every time cooling is activated.  If anyone in your house experiences allergy-like symptoms when the air conditioner runs, your equipment is probably in need of professional cleaning.

If your cooling system isn’t working at peak condition, there are a few things you can count on.  It’s definitely costing you more to operate because of decreased efficiency, and the problems are going to get worse.  There’s no sense waiting for complete system failure, living with less than ideal comfort, and paying higher monthly bills.  Call the professionals from Air and Heat Service Co. for QUICK, QUALITY, and PERSONALIZED attention.